Two Girls Test the Laws of Physics and Fail

1207074572Kids like to explore and test the boundaries of their physical world. This is why parents with children under the age of five generally install gates at the top of their stairs and covers on wall sockets. But every once in a while, a child bests these attempts to check the Darwinian process with varying results.

Our first case is that of 2-year-old Olivia Emanuele. The Attleboro toddler already possesses enough self-awareness to look embarrassed by the fact that she got her head stuck in a toilet seat and had to have the fire department get her out.

“She wasn’t happy about it,” said Attleboro firefighter Mark Priest. “We tucked her ears in, got it up around her nose, and it slid right off.”

Look at the picture that accompanies the report. Clearly, the kid is humiliated.

Compare that to the case of a protester who chained her neck to the doors of a Bank of America branch with a U-lock in Copley Square this morning.

The young woman chained her neck to the bank’s entrance as part of a demonstration by Rainforest Action Network, which is railing against global warming.

The unidentified woman looks delighted to have her neck chained to a door. Hasn’t she ever seen a sitcom? The key to a lock can easily be lost, with potentially humiliating results.

Maybe little Olivia’s parents should bring her in to explain why getting your head stuck in something is no laughing matter.