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1207052953As if this story weren’t sad enough: Boston Police charged Liquarry Jefferson’s mother and half-brother in his death. Investigators say the loaded handgun that killed the 8-year-old boy was left within his reach. [Globe]

We’d say this was an April Fool’s joke, but the Herald wouldn’t be this demented. Right? In further adventures in bad parenting, a mother who’s under the watchful eye of DSS allegedly duct-taped her children to chairs and posted the pictures on MySpace. [Herald]

If you give people a place to park, technically they’re getting out of their cars: Environmentalists are angry with two state reps who are using $15 million from a state fund dedicated to building housing and footpaths near T stations to build a parking garage near the Salem commuter rail stop. [Globe]

Your boss is nervous: Nearly half of the state’s businesses think the state is in a recession, according to a new survey. [Herald]