Elizabeth Edwards Comes to Cambridge

1207158718We love Elizabeth Edwards. Whether she’s fighting cancer or Ann Coulter (not that there’s much of a difference between the two—ba dum dum) she appears to be a smart, savvy woman.

So our day was brightened a bit by the news of her accepting a visiting fellowship at Harvard.

Edwards is one of three visiting fellows who will work with students at the John F. Kennedy School of Government. What exactly is a visiting fellow?

Visiting Fellows maximize their time at the Institute by interacting with students, faculty and Harvard research center staff, and traditionally meet with student groups; lead discussion groups on topical issues and share their experiences in public and political service; and participate in public policy classes with students and Kennedy School faculty.

We hope she takes the time to talk some smack about Coulter again.

Edwards’ fellowship runs from April 8-10, and she will give a public address in the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum next Wednesday.