Mitt Romney Gives Up The Ghost?

1202483304When we last saw former governor Mitt Romney, he looked like a regal Oompa Loompa as he campaigned with presumptive Republican nominee John McCain. Today Romney resurfaced on MSNBC to talk about why the Arizona Senator should be America’s next president.

But the most telling thing from Romney’s appearance may be that he downplayed his chances at being McCain’s running mate.

Either Mitt’s losing his swagger, or McCain has a pretty solid list of contenders that doesn’t include his former opponent.

Romney said he does not expect to get that call from McCain, though he campaigned with McCain last week in Colorado and Utah and has said he would be honored to be asked.

Maybe McCain will choose Joe Lieberman to be his running mate. Not only will the Connecticut Senator be able to help McCain differentiate between Sunni’s and Shiitie’s, but then James Carville will really have grounds to call someone Judas.