Everything Clemens Owns is in the Box to the Left

1207236751After an acrimonious breakup, one of the worst things to deal with is the box of stuff your ex left behind. Those t-shirts you once loved to sleep in now make you wistful. His CDs that you tolerated because you loved him are now just taking up space.

To paraphrase our friend Nate Gibson, you can’t sell your broken heart on eBay. But Brian McNamee is sure going to try to make a buck off his broken reputation by selling some of Roger Clemens’ stuff on the auction site.

No, not the steroid needles and crumpled up Miller Lite can. A ball autographed by Clemens and McNamee will cost you $4,000 as of this writing. A publicity shot with both men’s signatures is going for $4,100. If you prefer, you can pick up admitted HGH-user Andy Pettitte‘s John Hancock for a relatively cheap $255.99.

If you have reservations about condoning McNamee’s behavior by lining his pockets, fear not. Proceeds from the auction benefit Brian’s Buddies, the charity he started to help fight juvenile diabetes.

So help a broken-hearted guy out. Otherwise, he’ll put the stuff out with the trash like we do after getting dumped.