Has Whitey Bulger Been in Quincy the Whole Time?

1207229295The last time we heard about James “Whitey” Bulger, we learned that a video taken in Italy last year did not feature him and his longtime girlfriend Catherine Greig. That left us to wonder where on Earth they could possibly be. The FBI believes he’s in Europe somewhere, but a new sighting may indicate Bulger is closer to home than we thought.

The Herald reports that a Quincy police officer says he saw Whitey on January 7, 1995, two weeks after authorities believed the mobster left town.

“Would this be a place Bulger would be known to be? Sure it would,” said FBI special agent Richard Teahan, head of the multi-agency Bulger Task Force.

“We as an investigative group don’t think he was in the Quincy area during that timeframe,” Teahan said.

Yeah, and you thought someone’s German grandpa was the fugitive too. Have you guys checked under Billy Bulger’s bed? Sometimes, the best place to hide is the most obvious.