Might the MBTA Send Sacajawea Packing?

1207248572There’s nothing worse than a fistful of Sacajawea dollars. Whenever you try to spend one of the gold coins, people look at you suspiciously. What are you doing, pal, they seem to think. Trying to pass off some sort of Euro coin as American currency?

Luckily, we don’t get many of these bizarre dollar coins. And a state representative wants to make it so we see even fewer of them.

Rep. Denis Guyer of Dalton said Thursday he wants the T to return paper money whenever a consumer would get back $5 or more in change.

We salute you, sir. Since we pay for monthly passes, we generally use our credit card and don’t get change. But when friends and family come to visit we don’t remember the CharlieTicket machines give change in coins until it sounds like a slot machine paying out a jackpot, and our relative shoots us a confused and angry look.

It doesn’t bother us that Rep. Guyer’s motives aren’t entirely selfless, since a company in his district prints the nation’s paper money. We just want our paper currency back.