Martin Luther King Jr. Had the Right Stuff Too

April 4 is an important day in American history. Today we celebrate an institution that changed America forever. It’s a time for us all to reflect back on what this giant of history means for us as individuals, and as a nation.

New Kids on the Block is back!

1207318936Oh, and we should pay our respects to that guy who was fatally shot in Memphis 40 years ago.

Huge New Kids fan John Gonzalez called into Boston Daily HQ to alert us about the band’s appearance on the Today Show. He told us the band was introduced (video here) to the screams of adoring fans. Then host Meredith Viera kicked it to Al Roker, who was standing by with Rev. Al Sharpton to talk about the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

1207318638Don’t get us wrong, we love NKOTB. But we think that the assassination of one of the most important figures in modern American history might be a little more important than five guys from Boston reuniting to sing some pop songs. Especially since the band won’t tour until the fall, and they won’t perform on Today until May 16.

It’s things like this that make us pretend we’re Canadian when traveling abroad.