Bottled Sam Adams: Not Such a Good Decision

With Opening Day less than 24 hours away, the baseball season really feels like it’s getting started. The Green Line will be packed with confused out-of-towners, paying $5 for a hot dog suddenly seems reasonable, and bars around the city are stocking up on Sam Adams.

1207591824While we normally enjoy a nice bottle of Sam during the game, we think we’ll skip it tomorrow. The company has recalled an “undetermined amount of [bottled] beer” because glass particles may be floating around in the brew.

That’ll do more damage to your stomach than an undercooked sausage.

“While the possibility of injury to an individual consumer is very low, people who bite or swallow a fragment of glass could possible be injured,” the company said in its statement. “Anyone who has consumed beer from an affected bottle and becomes ill, or shows signs of complications, should see a physician immediately.”

The company has started a website to inform consumers on what bottles were affected. Luckily the stuff in kegs is fine, so you’re clear to grab a pint on tap during your Opening Day festivities.