Bronson Arroyo’s Greatest Hits

With Opening Day tomorrow, we can’t help but get a little sentimental for some of the players who’ve come and gone in the past few years. One player that we miss for both his pitching and his musical abilities is Bronson Arroyo.

1207583441But the former Sox pitcher, and A-Rod slap victim, is doing well for himself in Cincinnati. Not only is he still pitching baseballs, but he’s using his creative side to pitch products.

Deadspin gives us the heads-up on a new spot for Steakhouse Angus Burgers that features an earnest Arroyo power-rocking with his acoustic guitar, although the soundtrack features the work of an electric guitar. The musical dissonance is almost as funny as his expletive-laden car commercial from a couple of years ago.

It’s not quite as sentimental as Arroyo’s cover of “C is for Cookie” that’s used in the annual Red Sox Cookie-Off, nor is it quite as freewheeling as his cover of “Dirty Water,” but it’s still passable. As one YouTube commenter points out, Nickelback had better “watch [their] asses.”