From the Archives: Bob Lobel’s Sunset

We’re a little remiss in digging this up, but with so many media defections last week it was a little hard to keep up. In the July, 2005 issue of Boston magazine, Gretchen Voss profiled Bob Lobel, who was let go by WBZ after nearly three decades on the air.

Voss got Lobel to open up about the rumors concerning his marriage, his health, and his alleged drinking problem. It’s a remarkably candid portrait and, for the record, Lobel says that he didn’t have a problem with alcohol.

Say what you will about the last decade or so of Lobel’s tenure, but the man left his mark on Boston.

At the end of the piece, Lobel mentioned the television practice of sunsetting:

“They call it ‘sunsetting’ in this industry: They ‘sunset’ their talent. I don’t know how they’re going to sunset Lobel. But I hope we all know ahead of time, because there really aren’t that many happy endings in this business.”

Head Games by Gretchen Voss, from the July, 2005 issue of Boston magazine.