Will We Soon Have a Halberstam Street?

1207663461Last month, Globe columnist Kevin Cullen wrote that Causeway Street should be renamed to honor sports legend Red Auerbach. The idea is still in its infancy, but Cambridge is working on its own plan to honor a legend of its own. A classmate of the late David Halberstam wants to rename Plympton Street to honor the journalist.

“I was contacted by a few of David’s colleagues, who asked me, ‘Do you think the city would like to do this?’ ” [former Cambridge City Councilor Frank] Duehay told [the Globe’s Names column] yesterday. “I happen to like the idea, and I said I’d be happy to put it forth.”

Halberstam’s colleagues and friends chose Plympton Street since it’s the home of the Harvard Crimson, the student newspaper where he served as managing editor during his time at Harvard.

Like every other journalist who has come of age in the post Baby Boomer era, we are fans of Halberstam. We’ll keep you posted on how the notoriously wishy-washy Cambridge City Council handles the proposal.