Boston Daily at the Ballpark

1207749765I have never been happier to have bleacher seats at Fenway Park than I was yesterday. Not only was I the first ticketholder to ever sit in my seat, but the sun was on me for the entire afternoon. Seats that were in the shade were vacated long before the last out in yesterday’s 5-0 victory over the Detroit Tigers, but my friends and I were happy to stick around until Dirty Water was played for the first time in 2008.

1207750521Red Sox ownership did a great job with the improvements to the park. The new Coca-Cola section (pictured above) is a nice change from the awkward-looking Coke Bottles.

At first, my seatmates and I were alarmed by the too-pristine plastic bleacher seats and glittering waterproof cement beneath them. Luckily, the new area was christened with the paste of spilled Bud Lite and peanut shells by the third inning, largely because some fans weren’t used to the uneven stairs and tripped as they made their way to their seats.

During the ring ceremony, Doug Mirabelli, Johnny Pesky, and Jonathan Papelbon were the biggest applause-getters, aside from the F-16 show that flew overhead after the National Anthem. Then there was surprise guest Bill Buckner. Castiglione advised the crowd to be kind to the Sox veteran, and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive, even from the rambunctious crowd in the bleachers.

But order was restored when former Red Sox shortstop Edgar Renteria took the plate and was loudly booed by the fans, myself included. Hey, it’s Boston.