Mitt Romney: Radio Talk Show Host?

We’ve had a lot of fun at the expense of our former governor, Mitt Romney. We laughed at the idea that he’s tanning more than Lindsay Lohan. We poked at the fact that he is completely incapable of picking a winner. And we winced as he let the dogs out with a group of black kids.

1207841296But the one thing we’d never say about the handsome former (and future?) presidential candidate is that he has a face for radio. Yet that’s where Romney was this morning, filling in for Paul Harvey. [Via Universal Hub]

We hope the nationally syndicated talk show host recovers from his cataract surgery soon, because Romney is terrible. (You can hear this morning’s show here.)

Radio hosts who make themselves a household name owe their success to having a personality, even if it’s one that listeners hate. (Hi, Rush Limbaugh!) Romney lost the Republican nomination largely because voters couldn’t relate to his stiff businessman persona, and the rigidity continued on-air today. Even when he lamented the impact text messaging has had on our ability to spell, he could only manage to sound mildly perturbed (prtrbd?).

Next time, we hope Romney appears on TV, where his good looks can distract us while he drones on. Hey, he’s got to be a better presence than Kathie Lee Gifford.