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1207830626Good news for Boston Police: A jury found that two officers did not violate the rights of Shawn Drumgold, who spent 15 years in prison for killing a 12-year-old girl in 1989. He was released from prison after several witnesses recanted. [Globe]

Bad news for DSS: Critics are upset with the agency after they learned that the two girls who died in a South Boston fire last weekend were still living in the home after their mother was investigated 12 times for neglect and abuse. [Globe]

The Lowell Spinners think the hawk has staying power: The minor-league Sox team has named Fenway Park’s hawk the mascot of its Yankees Elimination Program. A naturalist and his red-tailed hawk will make an appearance at the Spinners’ Aug. 4 game. [Herald]

Logan gets paid for being a nightmare: The FAA will pick up 75 percent of the tab for a new taxiway in the hopes of preventing congestion and runway incidents. Logan gets the special attention because of its “unique geometry.” [Herald]