Branding Quincy

1207941238One of my college roommates had a guy friend who was from Quincy, and proudly announced his hometown at every available opportunity. During the most dismal March weather, he would always say “It’s always 80 degrees and sunny in Quincy.”

Perhaps his catchphrase would work well for the city’s slogan contest.

The Patriot-Ledger reports that it and Discover Quincy are looking for a new slogan. (Apparently “City of Presidents” and “Birthplace of the American Dream” lost their luster.) The winning writer gets $500 and the pride of seeing their handiwork on a billboard for a few months.

Entries should be a maximum of seven words and should capitalize on Quincy’s place in American history. They should be self-explanatory and will preferably evoke the city’s connection with the Adams family, the David McCullough biography of John Adams or the HBO series based on the book.

The Patriot-Ledger’s online accepted the challenge, though probably not in the way the paper’s editors had hoped. (Sics implied.)

Welcome to Quincy, Please ignore Germantown

Quincy, where you can hang your fish out to dry.

Quincy…If it weren’t for Hull…We’d be the armpit of the Universe!

Quincy: parking lots for south shore residents.

Come on, people. It’s got to reference John Adams. How about this—Quincy: If John Adams lived here, he’d have moved to Milton too.