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1208195587Who says the Turnpike Authority doesn’t know how to party? A 50-year-old mother of six was the 1 millionth person to buy a FastLane transponder. What did she win? A $100 toll credit and some Turnpike swag. Go read the entire piece. It’s hilarious. []

Maybe they should have saved that $100 for more Big Dig repairs: The engineering firm in charge of the stem-to-stern review of the tunnels has recommended the Ted Williams tunnel get an additional 900 anchor bolts and that the ventilation system should be upgraded. Just to be on the safe side. []

Jarett Barrios turns off his television in disgust: Somerville’s “What the Fluff?” festival will be featured on tonight’s episode of Unwrapped. You can catch the celebration of the controversial sandwich spread on the Food Network at 9 p.m. [Somerville Journal]

Miserable last night? You weren’t alone: Massachusetts-based Monster conducted a survey of worker’s attitudes on a Sunday night and found that 82 percent of Americans have trouble getting to sleep on the last night of the weekend. [Boston Business Journal]

And here’s what Chowder has for you.

We’re just not right without our bran muffins: We run down some of our favorite places to pick up breakfast on the go.