We Love Tom Brady Just the Way He Is

Despite last year’s heartbreaking loss in the Super Bowl, we still love Tom Brady. He’s become the Bill Clinton of sports—despite his personal issues, we still remember all the prosperity we’ve had during his tenure.

1208188471So we’re totally fine if No. 12 wants to wear European-style clothes and jet around the world with his supermodel girlfriend if that’s what he wants to do with his offseason.

The Inside Track is less forgiving of Brady’s new style, though.

The dandy-dressed erstwhile gridiron god has been trailed around the globe by a pack of panting paparazzi who are hot to snatch shots of his ultra-photogenic galpal Gisele Bundchen.

The ladies then cite a TMZ video of Brady running errands for his girlfriend along with commentary that Eli Manning is now the QB of the hour in New York.

We like that our QB is the opposite of the ungodly explosion of fug that is either of the Manning brothers. Eli and Peyton wear pleated Dockers and golf shirts. Eli likes to drink Corona and party with sorority girls.

If that’s our alternative, we’ll take the Gisele-loving Brady any day. Instead of bearing that infuriating aw-shucks face that the Mannings have, Brady looks coolly European.

In this month’s issue of Boston magazine, we reflect on why the rest of the country really wants to be like us, and it sounds like we could be talking about the QB himself.

It’s hard to say exactly why. . . , but somehow we came to be regarded as simply too out of touch, too out of step, too…European.

So we say keep it up, Tommy. Wear those aviator shades and scarves. As long as you’re a bloodthirsty American boy when you come back to Gillette in a few months, we’re totally fine with it.