Barney Frank Wants Resolution

1206372061We’re delighted that the Pennsylvania primary is almost upon us. It’s been an eternity since the last round of contests, and if we have to see either Democratic candidate knock back a drink in order to appeal to working class folks again, it’ll be too soon.

Even the professionals are getting sick of it. Unlike Sen. John Kerry, Rep. Barney Frank wants the nomination process to stop after the last round of primaries on June 3.

It’s awfully anxious talk coming from the guy who wants to legalize pot.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Rep. Barney Frank said the Democratic race should not continue past the last two primaries on June 3 and said one of the candidates should even consider getting out “sooner” if it seems inconceivable he or she could win the nomination.

It’s a double dose of bad news for Clinton, who would presumably not be in the lead. Not only is she on the short end of the delegate math, but Frank is one of her supporters. If her supporters are already indicating they’re ready for her to throw in the towel in June, she’ll have little reason to take her fight to Denver. Then she’ll really need the whiskey shots.