Hot Times in Somerville

1208272170Ever since the Eliot Spitzer controversy died down, we’ve been longing for a good prostitute story, preferably one involving a dryer. While the people who were arrested for allegedly running a prostitution ring out of a Somerville hotel on Friday don’t have that spring-fresh smell, we’ll take what we can get.

The Somerville Journal reports that three women and two men were arrested for “prostitution-related activities” at a hotel on Cummings Street. Heh. Cummings.

Police said [Brandy] Thompson told the undercover detective her name was “Peaches” and told him she would charge him $150 for half an hour of sexual service or $250 for a full hour. When the two met in a room at the hotel, the detective handed Thompson $150 cash, and she handed him six condoms, at which point police swooped into the room to make the arrest.

We know that a recent study says five minutes is an acceptable duration for the act of sex, but six times in half an hour?