Mayor Menino: New Democrat?

The Democratic party has been through a lot lately, what with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton arguing about who is the least elitist of them all, and Obama getting apologies from the GOP after Rep. Geoff Davis called him “boy.”

1207930624Right about now, the Democratic party needs someone to restore order. And according to a liberal think tank, that man could be Mayor Tom Menino.

Late last week, the Democratic Leadership Council named Menino the “New Democrat of the Week.”

If they’re calling Menino a new democrat, we can only imagine what they would call Robert Byrd. But we’re happy to see Menino is getting some national credit for working on the foreclosure crisis.

The City of Boston, behind Mayor Menino’s direction is also attacking this problem at the source, working directly with mortgage companies directing them to take better care of, or sell, foreclosed properties without government intervention.

As we search for answers to the foreclosure crisis, it is reassuring there are leaders such as Mayor Thomas Menino out there are working diligently to combat the crisis’ devastating and diverse effects.

That Mayor Menino is going to make something of himself someday. We’re sure some people hope that happens sooner rather than later.