The Herald Gets It Right

1208270156Yesterday afternoon, we reported that the Herald mistakenly ran a satirical story as part of a straight news item. Some of you have left comments assailing the paper for lazy journalism. While somebody dropped the ball on that piece, we have to point out that our favorite tabloid is doing a stellar job on a series about shady mortgage middleman Dwight Jenkins.

The former felon made a fortune during the subprime mortgage boom by promising a quick profit to inexperienced investors with good credit ratings. Jenkins promised the neophytes that he would manage the properties, then sell them for a profit within a year.

Jenkins and his cronies also preyed on people with mental issues.

[A]ttorneys describe how [Robert] Smith, who suffers from schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, a learning disability and mild retardation, was told he could turn a profit even though he didn’t have money to invest or experience in real estate.

It’s the kind of blood-boiling journalism that the tabloid does so well. Be sure to check out all three parts of the excellent series.