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1208262345Just in case the folding of BostonNOW had you worried about where you’d get your Scientology news: The Herald picks up the beat, reporting that the Boston Foundation has given a $20,000 grant to a school that will feature a curriculum developed by a branch of the Church of Scientology. [Herald]

Because business boomed when we created one huge train company: Delta and Northwest are hoping to form one mammoth airline company to save money on fuel and other costs. Experts say travelers should expect a wave of consolidation as the economy gets worse. [Globe]

Gambling for the Greatest Generation: Developer John Ryan hopes to build a casino just off the Mass Pike in Worcester that would donate $25 million annually to veteran’s causes. [Herald]

Cambridge isn’t only for pinko lefties: The ACLU is representing two protesters who were allegedly photographed by a Harvard University police officer during a demonstration last month. The organization wants to know whether the school will share the photographs with the federal government. [Globe]