Mitt Romney: Still Flip-Flopping

1208356038You may remember back in January when AP writer Glen Johnson got Mitt Romney to flip out on the campaign trail. Since Romney dropped out of the race, Johnson’s been writing about the Big Dig and getting John Kerry to tell the Democrats to calm down.

But today Johnson is doing what he does best—calling out Mitt Romney.

Now that Romney may be on John McCain‘s list of running mates, the former governor has been lauding the economic experience of the man he was ripping to shreds only months ago. It’s a pretty abrupt change in outlook, and it’s one Johnson is more than happy to point out.

“This is an individual who, well, if you take Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s experience and multiply it by 10, you still haven’t caught up with Sen. McCain when it comes to experience on the economy,” [Romney] said [yesterday].

Then Johnson takes us on a greatest hits tour of what Romney said about McCain’s economic experience when he was still a viable candidate.

Romney explained to the AP that he’s comparing McCain to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, so it was more calling McCain the lesser of three evils. And besides, he would still be the best guy to get the economy going.

“There’s no question any one of the three would have benefitted from a lifetime of service in the private sector that I enjoyed. That’s why I thought I was the strongest candidate. The voters chose differently[.]”

Don’t ever change, Mitt.