The BPD Makes Texting Into Art

1208369138While we here in America are wondering if the internet will kill print journalism, people in Japan are wondering whether text messaging will destroy the novel. In the Land of the Rising Sun, half of last year’s bestselling novels were originally cellphone novels, originally composed in text message format.

We thought the Boston Police Department was incredibly forward-thinking when we skimmed over this announcement for its “Text For Peace” contest. Alas, the BPD didn’t lift the idea and is sticking with the tried-but-true poster contest.

It may not have the cache of cashing in on an international phenomenon, but it’s still a cute way to celebrate the success of the department’s Text-a-Tip program. Kids from kindergarten through 12th grade are able to enter the contest, and the Grand Prize winner will get a $500 savings bond. Teachers are eligible to win the same amount to put towards art supplies or books.

We won’t know who the winner is until August’s National Night Out, but we can’t wait to see the kids’ handiwork. If Stephen Colbert has taught us anything, it’s that little kids are very perceptive.