The Ladies Love Cool Tommy

1207930624Mayor Tom Menino is like the Union Oyster House or Fenway Park—an institution that’s been in the city for as long as anyone can remember and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Much like those venerable landmarks, his appeal has crossed age, race, and gender lines.

But no one likes Hizzoner more than the ladies.

About 80 percent of the city’s women approve of the Mayor’s performance, while a relatively measly 64 percent of men feel the same way. It’s one of the stranger findings in the Globe’s epic survey of the city’s attitude toward Menino.

The Mayor has a simple explanation for why women love him.

Menino. . . struck a beefcake pose, playfully flexing his shoulders and pectoral muscles, when asked in an interview to explain his greater appeal to the fairer sex.

While the Mayor’s physique is certainly. . . impressive, the real reason for his popularity is revealed later in the piece.

“If something has to be done, he does it,” said [East Boston resident] Patricia Love. “If there’s a big fire or something going on, he’s there. And if something’s going on and you need help with it, he’s there to help you.”

Women always love a man who’s handy around the city.