Big Baby: Hand Model

As longtime readers of Boston Daily know, we’re fascinated by Glen “Big Baby” Davis. Whether he’s pondering the genius of Michaelangelo or wiping the parquet with the Pistons, every little thing he does is magic to us.

Which is why we were delighted to learn that Big Baby has endorsed a line of men’s manicure products. Yes, really.

We love a sports star who’s secure enough in his masculinity to admit he gets manicures.

Clean, trim, healthy nails are Celtic star Big Baby’s key to having quick hands (on and off the court)! Not only does the 6’9” power forward swear by camera-ready paws, but when asked the first thing he notices about a woman, his answer was unequivocally, “Her hands!”

Great. Now in addition to feeling bad about displaying our unmanicured toes to the public today we’ve got to worry about keeping our fingers in pristine condition in case we meet our hero.

We appreciate Big Baby’s commitment to style. Not only did he worry about finding the right coat before moving to Boston, but he’s also aware that the ladies appreciate some hangnail-free hands.

ACE Nail Care has a complete line of nail clippers and nail grooming tools designed specifically for men, so you can keep yourself looking sharp and sexy in the bedroom or the locker room.

We hope the Celtics rookie takes on men who wear pleated pants next.