Media Meltdown

1208880993After a firestorm of local coverage yesterday, Channel 7 was forced to run a story about General Manager Randi Goldklank. You can tell their heart wasn’t really in it, since they didn’t take the time to dream up one of their trademark alliteration-heavy headlines.

If they’re hurting for ideas, viewers have some good suggestions. Like, say, “Klank in the Tank,” which appeared in the comments on Media Nation.

The Herald gave Goldklank the full Smoking Gun treatment, publishing PDF files of the police report. The local media (with the exception of WHDH) reported most of the salacious details, but we did learn from the police report that Goldklank was allegedly so drunk that officers considered waiting for her to sober up before booking her.

Her colleagues tell the Globe they are shocked by the charges.

“My reaction is one of complete and utter disbelief,” said Janet Kolodzy, acting chairwoman of Emerson College’s journalism department, who invited Goldklank to speak to students last month. “She had a reputation of really working hard and pushing things ahead.”

Channel 7 put Goldklank on administrative leave, which is “subject to further review by management.”