Passion for Fashion at Lord & Taylor

1208970852The most creative use we’ve come up with for our old shopping bags is using them as receptacles for our paper recyclables. But the students at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts have taken Lord & Taylor’s iconic shopping bags from the curb to couture in Passion for Fashion, which is on display through Friday at the Boylston Street location.

It sounds like a challenge on Project Runway. Participants used as many bags as they wanted to create a piece of clothing. Full-time architect Theresa Weinheimer was inspired to participate after taking Art as Fashion, Fashion as Art though the school’s continuing education program. Weinheimer created a kimono and face mask out of nearly 40 paper bags.

“I’ve always been inspired by the Japanese aesthetic,” she said, adding that she was inspired by an antique Japanese fireman’s jacket she owns.

Kimono’s aren’t the only style represented in the show. Other SMFA students participated, as did the school’s faculty and even some Lord & Taylor employees. While the store isn’t selling the works of art, Weinheimer told us she’d be happy to sell her work to any interested buyers.

“Architecture is kind of slow right now,” she said with a laugh.

Passion for Fashion is on display at Lord & Taylor, 760 Boylston Street though April 25.

Photo by George Bouret.