Who is this Patrick Deval Guy?

1207846731The last time former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove tangled with a local institution, he was threatening to send a Harvard student off to Gitmo. (Seriously, has anybody heard from this kid since? We’re starting to worry about him.)

Now the FOX talking head is taking on someone named Patrick Deval.

In this month’s issue of GQ, Lisa DePaulo sits down with Rove for a Q&A. During the interview, she asks him how he sees the Democratic nomination process ending. Rove replies that it’s going to come down to the superdelegates, and uses Massachusetts as an example.

Does anybody think that Patrick Deval [sic], governor of Massachusetts, and Senator Ted Kennedy are gonna respect the wishes of their home-state crowd and go for Hillary Clinton, who won their state? No.

This brings up an important question. Is it better to have Karl Rove know your name, or is it best to fly under the radar? We’ll find out once we see proof that Harvard student is still in Cambridge.