Herald to Gropers: We’re Blogging You

Pervs are taking over the city!!! Last month, we were delighted to read Herald reporter Jessica Van Sack’s expose on the MBTA police’s perv patrol. Then the MBTA stepped up its game by launching an ad campaign designed to shame potential gropers into keeping their hands to themselves.

If the vague ads on the T don’t work, the Herald’s City Wired blog hopes to shame subway sickos into submission by posting every sexual assault or groping incident.

City Desk editor Joe Dwinell made the pledge last Thursday after a woman reported an assault on the Green Line.

The T is urging women rubbed, touched or approached inappropriately to speak up and snap a cell phone picture. . . . If it’s on a train, trolley, bus, platform, tunnel or parking lot, the T wants to know. So do we and this blog will continue to publish offending attacks daily!

This made our day. Instead of waiting for a follow-up by Van Sack, we get a daily fix of dirty pervs.

So far, Dwinell has kept his promise to update daily. On Friday, we got a story about two women who said a man squeezed between them on the Green Line and grabbed their genitals. “[T]his blog will continue to publish any and all reports of abuse on the T. It’s our T, not theirs!” Joe declared. Today, we get the story of a 15-year-old who let his crotch air out during his commute.

The feature has great potential. Dwinell implores victims to send pictures and horror stories his way, even if they aren’t reported to the T. It could have all the train-wreck glory of the Boston Police Department’s blog, but with an additional layer of grossness paired with the Herald’s trademark indignation.