Dustin’s Wife Brings Him Down

1209476541We still can’t believe that Dustin Pedroia is married. That’s not a dig on his looks, but rather because he’s only 24-years-old. Shouldn’t he still be chasing after country music singers with Josh Beckett? (Not with Roger Clemens, please.)

But, today we met Mrs. Kelli Pedroia in a Globe piece about her issues with melanoma, and even she can’t help but make fun of his diminutive stature.

The poor little guy. See? It’s really hard not to notice how short he is. (Emphasis added.)

At Fenway, her seats are in the shade. But her husband stands at second base for hours, often in the heat of the day. Does he wear sunscreen? “Dustin? I don’t even know. That sun beats down, and I can say it to him until I’m blue in the face, but if the kid doesn’t get it. . .”

If that didn’t emasculate Pedroia enough, the Q&A sidebar ensures the second baseman will be mercilessly taunted in the locker room tonight.

We’re obsessed with reality TV shows. He watches “The Bachelor,” “American Idol.” I’m just calling him out now. (She laughs.)

You just know that Dustin must also love the pseudo-rock sounds of David Cook.