One Less Name at the Globe

1209576139Despite the clamoring from local media types, the Globe doesn’t seem likely to make like Martin Luther and post the names of the 23 newsroom staffers who took the buyout offer on the door of 135 Morrissey Boulevard. This leaves us on the outside relying on leaks to compile lists of who’s departing.

In today’s Herald, Christine McConville identifies a few more Globe writers and editors who are leaving, including Names columnist Carol Beggy. Boston Daily spoke to Beggy about her departure this afternoon.

Beggy told us that she’s not sad to be leaving the paper after nearly 25 years. “There’s no tragedy in making a decision about your own life,” she said. “From the outside, it looks like this quick, shocking thing. But anyone who knows me, knows it’s not a shock.”

She does regret not being able to stick around to see how newspapers find a way to navigate this new media landscape. “I would love to be a member of the team that eventually figures this out. I never envisioned leaving a paper run by Marty Baron, but this offer was here, so I took it.”

The society columnist doesn’t have any firm plans for her post-Globe career as of yet, but don’t expect to see her as a local Perez Hilton.

“No, I don’t think I’ll start a website,” Beggy said. “Though if someone gives me a seven-figure contract, I may reconsider.”