Do We Really Love Fenway Park?

WBZ’s intrepid snow-shoveling investigative reporter Dan Robichaud took to the airwaves this morning to talk about some shocking findings.

“Our own fans ranked us twenty-first. Twenty-one out of 30. What’s going on here!?” He screeched into the camera.

1209666567It was some pretty disturbing news. Sports Illustrated polled fans of every major league ball club about how they liked their park, and Fenway Park came in at a stunning 21st place.

After all the hubbub about saving Fenway Park, do we really want to pave the nearly century-old facility under?

The home of the Boston Red Sox ranked dead last in affordability. No surprises there. But the food options at the park were ranked only “average” by 42.1 percent of those surveyed. Did these people even try a Fenway Frank?

Maybe SI only surveyed pink hat fans, because nobody we know goes to Fenway for a cheap night out, or for the comfortable seats. You go because your grandfather took you there, or because you want to get there early and wander around Pesky’s Pole and the Red Seat. If you want a cheap night out, you could always become a Royals fan.