Bucking the Rules for FOX Sports

1209740068The worst thing about the Sox making it to the playoffs is that our benevolent overlord Jerry Remy and his henchman Don Orsillo are forced to leave us in the completely incapable hands of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. After 162 games (give or take a few national broadcasts), the men who giddily narrated blowouts and walk-off home runs make way for the two goons from FOX.

While Red Sox fans around the city may mute their televisions and turn on WRKO to hear the game called by someone who actually knows the names of the players (ahem, McCarver), it seems that a government official was making it easier for the duo to get into the booth.

The Globe reports that acting US Marshal Yvonne Bonner allegedly used deputy marshals to shuttle Buck, McCarver, and lawyer Joseph Band to Fenway Park during the World Series.

Bonner allegedly instructed the deputy marshals to use their unmarked cruisers to drive Band and the broadcasters to and from the park as a favor to Band, a longtime Justice Department employee, the officials said. . . .

Investigators are looking into whether the deputy marshals activated their blue lights to cut through traffic as the sellout crowd jammed the streets around the ballpark. The deputy marshals allegedly flashed their badges to gain entrance to the park, according to those familiar with the probe.

If anybody deserves this treatment (aside from Doug Mirabelli), it’s the RemDawg and Don O, not Buck and McCarver. Use your power for good instead of evil next time, Ms. Bonner.