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1209731362Dead elephant walking: The Massachusetts Republican Party will contest only 29 percent of the state’s legislative seats in November. The party hopes to get it together in time for the 2010 governor’s race. [Globe]

Time to put the House on a short leash, Sal: Your colleagues sense blood in the water, and the Herald has put your face on a deck of cards. Actually, we would totally buy Sal DiMasi playing cards. [Herald]

If Sal had done this, he’d be packing his office up now: Boston’s acting US Marshal is being investigated for allegedly using department staff to shuttle Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, and laywer Joseph Band to Fenway Park during the World Series. If anything will get you run out of Boston on a rail, it’s aiding and abetting Buck and McCarver. [Globe]

No tips for you: Only weeks after a jury awarded American Airlines skycaps at Logan $325,000 in back tips, the airline has banned the workers from accepting gratuities. [Herald]