New Kids’ New Single: Is it the Right Stuff?

1210017299OMG, you guys, the New Kids on the Block’s new single is online! Finally, after more than a decade of waiting, Joey, Danny, Jordan, Jonathan, and Donnie are back with new material. Get out your old oversized pins and give it a listen.

The 90’s pop sound is there in “Summertime,” and it’s worth taking a listen to just so you can familiarize yourself with the song that will be blaring from passing cars all summer long. But, the question of how the Kids’ voices will sound 15 years after puberty remains unanswered since the vocals were heavily produced.

But like most pop songs, we imagine it’ll grow on us. If not, we’ll just paraphrase what Homer Simpson once said after he attended a Bachman-Turner Overdrive concert. “No new crap! ‘Hangin’ Tough’ RIGHT NOW!”