Let Your T-Shirt Do the ‘Menacing’ for You

Last week, Celtics captain Paul Pierce set off a storm of controversy after he flashed what may or may not have been a gang sign during Game 3 against the Hawks. The Weekly Dig told us that the sign is “street shit” derived from the three stripes on Adidas sneakers. The Herald dug up a picture of Mayor Tom Menino flashing the sign at an event.

1210088098Just when the fervor had died down, online t-shirt company Chowdaheadz.com has created a t-shirt celebrating Pierce’s “menacing gesture.”

If you believe that the signal meant nothing more than “blood, sweat, and tears” as Kendrick Perkins and Doc Rivers say, then it’s a cute way to support the green and gold and oppose the NBA’s $25,000 fine against Pierce for the action.

We just hope someone orders one of the shirts for T-Mizzy. We all know how much the mayor loves shadow puppets.