Gov. Patrick to Roll the Dice on Casinos Again?

Allowing a casino plan to gain any sort of support is like inviting a vampire in to your home—once you allow it in, it’s difficult to get it to leave. When House Speaker Sal DiMasi crushed Gov. Deval Patrick’s plan for three casinos in Massachusetts, we figured it was still far from over.

1206717821Now that the Speaker is looking especially vulnerable, Gov. Patrick is floating the idea of bringing his casino plan back to life.

Not that the two are related. No sir. Just a happy accident.

Gov. Deval Patrick says a bill to bring legalized gambling to Massachusetts “may yet come back in the Legislature.”

And he says he’s not basing his statement on the possible departure of House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi, a gambling opponent.

The governor cites high property tax bills, continued pressure to allow race tracks to install slot machines, and the Wampanoag’s plans to build a tribal casino as the reasons why gambling proponents will resurrect the cause.

Come on, Governor. You can admit that you’ve joined in the group beatdown DiMasi is getting from Republicans and Dems alike. It’s the shrewdest political move you’d made in months.