Just How Senseless Was The Red Sox-Yankees Accident?

1210166277Earlier this week, reports surfaced that 29-year-old Matthew Beaudoin was killed by a drunk driver. The driver, a Yankees fan, was allegedly trying to scare Beaudoin and his friends after a fight over which baseball team was superior, but struck him instead of spooking him.

The incident met with a universal outcry from fans, with some petitioning Red Sox ownership to honor Beaudoin with a day in his honor at Fenway Park. But the late Red Sox fan’s girlfriend tells the Herald that the fight that led to the accident wasn’t about baseball after all.

It was just your average run-of-the-mill stupidity that occasionally gets out of hand, according to his “galpal” Donna Dionne. (Note to the Herald: The woman’s boyfriend of 12 years just died. It might be appropriate to save the “galpal” designation for the gossip pages.)

“Matt was sticking up for a friend who had been punched by this woman. It had nothing to do with a big baseball rivalry. These stories are wrong.”

Beaudoin’s friends said he was breaking up a fight between the Yankees fan and one of his female friends. As the drunk woman got in her car with a Yankees decal on the back window, he shouted “Yankees suck” at her as what he thought would be a parting shot. Instead, the woman gunned it and fatally struck him.

Whether the fight was about baseball or just a stupid bar parking lot scuffle, aiming a car at somebody is still a senseless way to end the conflict.