Pundits to Clinton: Drop Out

Dear Hillary Clinton,

1199909596Hello there, Senator. Boston Daily here. We know you haven’t paid us much mind since February’s Super Tuesday primary. But while you’ve already collected your delegates from Massachusetts, we like to think you still care about us.

And like the friend who tells you when your pantsuit makes you look fat, we’ve got to say this: We agree with Globe columnists Joan Vennochi and Scot Lehigh. It’s time to stop.

We admire your tenacity, Senator, we really do. But Lehigh makes a pretty compelling case on why you should give up.

Barack Obama’s big win in North Carolina, combined with the late night/early morning drama that turned Indiana into only the narrowest of wins for Clinton, did three important things: It ended any sense of momentum she had generated with her sizable victory in Pennsylvania.

It demonstrated that. . . Obama has survived the controversy over the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s incendiary remarks.

And in doing both those things, it obliterated the arguments Clinton hoped to use to sway the superdelegates.

Joan Vennochi echoed the his sentiments in her column, and also urged you to drop out. And those are just the local opinion peddlers. You aren’t fairing any better nationally.

Matt Drudge reports that nobody is returning your calls today. Tim Russert says it’s “obvious” who the Democratic nominee is. George McGovern wants you to end it, and Wonkette is just having fun at the expense of you and CNN’s inane delegate counter.

Earlier this afternoon, you said you’re staying in the race until there is a nominee. But, we hate to tell you this, there kinda already is one.

Boston Daily