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1210162868Give them their tote bags, or they’re going elsewhere: The head of GlaxoSmithKline’s US operations sent a letter to high-ranking Massachusetts officials accusing them of having a “strong anti-biopharmaceutical streak” because of legislation that would ban companies from giving gifts to doctors. [Herald]

Poor timing: Newton Mayor David Cohen has asked for a 28 percent raise at the same time he’s asking residents to approve a $12 million tax override. Good luck with that, Mayor! [Globe]

Another Globe departure: 36-year veteran Alan Larkin is leaving the paper at the end of June. [Herald]

Robin Hood gone awry, or just another reason to hate self-checkout? The head of Randolph’s food pantry and his wife were arrested after allegedly stealing $50 worth of groceries from a supermarket. The couple says they were having trouble with the self-checkout and it was all a misunderstanding. [Globe]