Sam Power Is Off the Market

It’s a dark day around Boston Daily HQ. The male staffers have started listening to breakup songs, and although he thinks I can’t hear him, Flannery is quietly crying into his keyboard.

1210344043Harvard professor and former Barack Obama campaign adviser Samantha Power is engaged.

But don’t tell. It’s a secret.

Samantha Power. . . is secretly engaged to Cass Sunstein, the University of Chicago Law School prof who might be a Supreme Court pick if Obama becomes president. quotes a source: “Apparently it’s all secret because Cass hasn’t told [ex-paramour] Martha Nussbaum yet.”

Between sending the Obama campaign into a short-lived tailspin, writing books, traveling the world, and teaching at Harvard, how does she find the time to keep up a secret engagement? Is there anything she can’t do?