You Dream It, He Does It

One of the best things about Boston Daily HQ is its location right near the Christian Science Center. It’s great to take a stroll around the reflecting pool, especially now that it’s full of water for the warm weather.

The only downside is that on hot days we must fight off the temptation to jump into the gigantic wading pool and splash around. There are several signs warning visitors not to cave to their base instincts, and most people typically obey.

But yesterday, we saw a guy take the plunge.

1210361515We left the office shortly after 5 p.m., and saw this man standing knee-deep in the water. Several people stopped to stare at him, nervously looking over their shoulders to see when the Christian Science Center employees would come round him up.

1210361624But, no one came. After surveying the water (and we’re pretty sure talking to the ducks), he took a shallow dive into the pool. Tourists and locals alike stopped to snap pictures and marvel at the sight. The panicked ducks took off as the swimmer got closer.

Sadly, a member of the blue shirt brigade approached the man and told him he had to get out of the water. “Hair messes up the filters,” he explained as the man put his shirt and shoes back on. The swimmer wasn’t dragged into the Christian Science buildings for a lecture, which is what we expected would happen.

We’d like to thank this brave soul for allowing us to experience the thrill of swimming in the reflecting pool, if only vicariously.