Sal DiMasi Fights Back

1209649117Our philosophy in life is to not dignify idle gossip with a response. It’s better to walk with your head held high than to get into a sniping match with those who are trying to take you down.

But there is a point where you have to step forward and tell the haters your version of events. After a weeks of bad press, House Speaker Sal DiMasi has reached that threshold, and he has written a letter to legislators about his rapidly deteriorating reputation.

The Speaker says he’s hurt by all the negative press.

The newspaper suggestions and the complaints of the Republican Party are baseless. I am angered and hurt by these accusations and innuendos, as is my family, and, I know, many of you.

Well, everybody except those who want to see DiMasi ousted, we imagine. They’re probably delighted.

DiMasi goes on to toss friend, accountant, and mortgage broker Richard Vitale under the bus.

I do not control the conduct or actions of others. As elected officials, we are all subject to the unfortunate inclination of others to use our name without or knowledge or authorization. . . . I should only be judged by what I have done or what my conduct or actions were and I should not be judged by those of anyone else.

Oooh. Once again, we see life imitating Gossip Girl.