Gov. Patrick’s Moment of Zen

We love when newspapers try to one-up each other for video/pictures of pols doing ridiculous things.1210706266

Earlier today, the Herald gave us video of Mayor Tom Menino biking around Boston in a totally fetch blue tracksuit. Not to be outdone, our friends at the Cambridge Chronicle deliver a clip of Gov. Deval Patrick playing ping-pong at the new Google offices this afternoon.

The video is a perfect metaphor for Patrick’s governorship. He gets a good volley going with Google’s Stephen Vinter, but just as it looks like he might hit a winner, he repeatedly fires the ball into the net. It’s reminiscent of how Patrick was outplayed time and time again during the short life of his casino plan.

“You’re very gentle. Is this the way you campaign too?” Someone asks from the sidelines.

“This is how I roll,” Patrick responds.

The citizens are openly mocking him now, and the cameras were there to capture it. Brilliant.

One final note to the governor and his communication people: Seeing as how his isn’t 2002, please refrain from using “that’s how I roll.” Similarly, you should decommission “jiggy,” “not so much,” “bling-bling,” “crunk,” “hella,” and any Snoop-Dogg related language ending in “-izzle.”