Let’s Give the Fenway Hawk a Good Name

Back in April, Boston Daily had the brilliant idea (if we do say so ourself — and we do) to name the Fenway Hawk.

But it seems the Lowell Spinners had already teamed up with the Inside Track to have their own contest. And even though they beat us to the punch (unbeknown to us), they half-assed their effort.

Don’t worry, though. Our contest is still on-going.

The Spinners-Track effort was seriously lame. In addition to being woefully under-promoted, the winner of the contest is related to an employee of the only media outlet to report the results. Um, quid pro quo much?

The infamous Fenway red hawk that has become a Red Sox mascot now has a name.

It was a real thrill for NewsCenter 5, because the name was submitted by the 5-year-old daughter of a producer who works at the station.

And what did young Caroline Davis name the hawk?


You’ve come up with better suggestions, dear readers. (5-year-olds are sooo unimaginative.) Striker doesn’t reflect the bird’s ties to Fenway Park, or his hatred of people named A-Rod. So we’ve decided to give you, the unconnected adults, a chance to give the hawk a better name. Winner gets a free subscription to Boston Daily. Rejoice!

For a reference point, here are the current leaders culled from previous comments:

From Hemus:
“How about ‘Javier Lopez?’ Just when you think you’re having a great day at Fenway with the Sox safely in the lead, Javier Lopez comes around in the sixth inning to drop a stinking dead rat in the middle of it to put them behind.”

Amanda Rekonwith suggests Harrelson as an homage to former Sox player Ken “Hawk” Harrelson.

Jim gives us King as a nod to the “nightmarish author known to frequent Fenway who could have written the script for the hawk’s attack.”

Let us know your favorite in the comments.