T-Mizzy Keeps on Biking

Earlier today, we told you that we can’t ever see enough pictures of Mayor Tom Menino riding a bike. The Globe has this hilarious image in its archives, and provides further amusement in today’s edition.

1210688778But the Herald may win the day by providing video of Menino tooling around the city in his bright blue track suit.

It’s kind of alarming to see Hizzoner in gear other than his trademark Filene’s Basement suits, especially when you see how loose the pants are around his ankles. This picture shows that the Mayor’s got some pretty nice gams, so he shouldn’t fear going a little tighter in the leg if it means not getting his pants caught in the bike chain.

And, we’d like to thank the person who armed the Herald reporters with video cameras. This has so much potential, we’re positively giddy.