Is TapeGate Coming to a Close?

1210773029The only thing we’re more excited to see than tomorrow’s edition of the Herald is next week’s season finale of Gossip Girl. Both the Globe and Herald say that John Tomase is going to explain how the erroneous report of a tape of the Rams’ 2001 Super Bowl walkthrough ever made it into the paper.


Herald editor Kevin Convey gives us a tease almost as salacious as the racy ads for the teen drama.

In tomorrow’s Herald, you’ll hear from John Tomase directly. And I hope that you’ll see, as our coverage of this story and others goes forward, that our dedication to accuracy remains unchanged, and that our first priority will always be maintaining that bond of trust with our readers.

So. . . does that mean he’s going to out his source as Dan Kennedy and Adam Reilly suggest is possible? Will it just be another apology from the author of the piece? Will Tomase resign to sate the bloodlust of the paper’s Neanderthal commenters?

Between this excitement and all the free iced coffee, we’re never going to sleep tonight.