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1210854228Maybe we can all move on now? The Herald’s front- and back-page apology for John Tomase’s story about a tape of the St. Louis Rams’ Super Bowl walkthrough that doesn’t exist seems to have convinced the Patriots not to sue. [Globe]

Apparently not: Sen. Arlen Specter wants an investigation into the Patriots’ taping scandal. Somebody had his money on the Rams back in 2001. [Globe]

Oooh, burn! In an interview with the Herald about her autobiography, Barbara Walters gives former lover and former Massachusetts Senator Edward Brooke quite the backhanded compliment. “I doubt that what I wrote damaged the way people think about Edward Brooke if indeed, 31 years later, they were thinking about him[.]” [Herald]

Think of all the lobbying he can do now that he’s free of the old day job: House Speaker Sal DiMasi’s pal Richard Vitale left the law firm he founded yesterday. His spokesman says Vitale had planned to leave his job for almost a year, and that the timing is just an interesting coincidence. Uh-huh. [Herald]